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Papermaking also require sodium carboxymethyl starch it?

Paper is a kind of the printing industry which, of course, many people will question, raw materials for pulp which is how can together become a piece of paper, or perhaps in technology research and development related to the production process, but also technology key, so that, in such a papermaking process, gradually will use sodium carboxymethyl starch inside the viscous, of course, such a starch which, is a kind of modified starch, and in which the basic filler, can be used as a stabilizer effect, increasing the role of such a sticky it, the only way to make paper gloss is constantly enhanced, so the paper products market, will always form a variety of different quality paper.

Sodium carboxymethyl starch, in the course of the papermaking process, and constantly enhance the performance of such a printing, for which paper still and wear resistance is constantly strengthened, so that the process of enhancing additives within the slurry to improve the such aid into account performance, so in the course of the paper, to be able to have such an advantage, as a feature in a wide range of local course where, so this is why we can use this in the future, be able to have where the characteristics.