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Sodium carboxymethyl starch Applications

If a product can allow people to large-scale production in half a century, but until now enduring even more important, it must have a lot of useful products. Sodium carboxymethyl starch is such a product, since it is the synthesis of large-scale industrial production, it would be the hottest products of various manufacturers. Here, we can see the wide range of application of sodium carboxymethyl starch from one side. Now, let's talk about the specific sodium carboxymethyl starch, what kind of applications.

First, sodium carboxymethyl starch used in the food industry. It has as a thickening, preservation, expansion, conformal properties of the material, even more than the performance of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, can be applied to a variety of drinks (such as milk) or frozen foods and snack foods. Followed by sodium carboxymethyl starch can be produced in medicine dragees or capsules as an effective agent for disintegrating agents soluble or insoluble. Furthermore, in terms of industrial buildings, sodium carboxymethyl starch, latex paint and other coatings can be used as thickeners.