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Sodium carboxymethyl starch for the printing industry to bring what are the features

In printed or dyed products, raw materials into a solution of the time, are required to form a solid effect, but also as in this point of view, mainly sodium carboxymethyl starch need to grasp the advantage, wide source, low price, good printing effect, but also from such compatibility and stability effect, mainly due to the effect from such a stain and a variety of permeability of view, but also gradually formed such a basic superiority, so that later, the only way to be able to continue for such printing industry which has great advantages role grasp such a basic feature is with a great advantage effect.

Thus, with the evolution of technology and the development of various technologies which, for sodium carboxymethyl starch or demand also use more widely, to reflect the effect of the advantage is the most critical, and it is trustworthy wide effect.