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Sodium carboxymethyl starch in raw materials have any requirements

Because sodium carboxymethyl starch using the above, more often, but also to give it a good material for the above requirements, it is only in the above raw material meets the requirements, it will be using the product above, allow it to achieve good use requirements, then it is in the above raw materials to achieve what kind of request? First aspect is that it is on top of the material itself content to let it show maximum requirements, but also is its purity, because the user when in use, more is to use its chemical reaction of the above materials.

However, if the user is using sodium carboxymethyl starch when it is in the production of the above, it does not meet the requirements of purity of the material above the top, it is a process in which the above conversion rate will drop, while in itself it using the above , will also make it in their own performance on top of a great fall, so it is that it will require in the above material, and then there is another aspect, that is, for its materials, to achieve good environmental protection, often it is also important to its performance in this regard is also an important performance.