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CMC Cellulose Ethers
Jun 23, 2017

CMC Cellulose ethers

Detailed description:

Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) is the most widely used cellulose ether, the most widely used, the most convenient use of the product, commonly known as "industrial monosodium glutamate." CMC is an important cellulose ether, is a natural fiber after chemical modification obtained by a good water-soluble polyanionic cellulose compounds, soluble in hot and cold water. It has emulsified dispersants, solid dispersion, non-corrosive, physiologically harmless and other unusual and valuable comprehensive physical and chemical properties, is a widely used natural polymer derivatives. CMC is white or slightly yellow powder, granular or fibrous solid, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic. CMC has the advantages of thickening, dispersing, suspending, bonding, film forming, protecting colloid and protecting moisture, and is widely used in food, medicine, petroleum, toothpaste and other industries.

CMC is an important feature of the formation of high viscosity colloids, solution, adhesion, thickening, flow, emulsification dispersion, shaping, water retention, protective colloid, film forming, acid, salt, suspension and other characteristics, So in food, medicine, cosmetic, oil, paper, textile, construction and other fields in the production of widely used.

Main purposes: cigarette sticking, fabric sizing, shoe paste paste, home sticky paste. Building on the wall spray, made of imitation porcelain, mortar thickening, reinforced concrete. Refractory fiber, ceramic production of forming bonding. Oil drilling, geological exploration of mud thickening, reduce water loss. High quality paper surface sizing. Soap and detergent additives, as well as other industrial production on the dispersion, emulsification, stability, suspension, film, paper, polishing agent and so on. One of the best quality products can also be used for toothpaste, medicine, food and other industrial sectors.

High viscosity sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (HV-CMC) is a white or slightly yellow fibrous powder, hygroscopic, odorless, odorless, non-toxic, easy to ferment, insoluble in acid, alcohol and organic solvents, easy to disperse In the water into a colloidal solution. From chloroacetic acid, cotton fiber-like reaction, mainly used for water-based drilling fluid tackifier, with a certain loss of filtration, especially salt, heat resistance is strong.

CMC is a macromolecular chemical, can be water swelling, swelling in water, you can form a transparent viscous glue, in the acidity of the performance of neutral. Solid CMC for light and room temperature are more stable, in a dry environment, can be long-term preservation. CMC, such as thickening, water retention, metabolic inertness, film formability, dispersion stability, etc., can be used as thickener, water retaining agent, adhesive, lubricant, emulsifier, suspending agent, Tablet matrix, biological matrix and biological products carrier.


CMC is widely used, non-toxic, non-corrosive, harmless to the human body, does not pollute the environment, strong adhesion, no mildew, no insects, can be used as emulsifier, thickener, stabilizer, sizing agent Film agents, adhesives and the like.

Industrial applications

CMC is the best active additive for synthetic detergents. Used in the detergent is mainly the use of its emulsification and protective colloidal properties, in the washing process it produces anions can also be the surface of the object to be washed with dirt particles are negatively charged, so that dirt particles in the water phase of phase separation, and The solid phase is repellent on the surface of the object, so it can prevent the dirt from being re-deposited on the washed material, so that the white fabric can be whiteness, the colored fabric is bright and the detergent is added with 2% CMC. Fabric whiteness that can be maintained at more than 90%

Food application

Edible CMC with thickening, emulsification, shaping, water retention, stability and so on. Adding CMC to food can reduce food production costs, improve food grade, improve food taste, and extend food shelf life. It is an ideal food additive for the food industry and can be used in a wide range of solid and liquid beverages, cans, sweets Cakes, meat products, biscuits, instant noodles, rolls, fast food, quick-frozen snack foods and soy milk, yogurt, peanut milk, fruit tea, fruit juice and other food production.

Acid milk beverage is a kind of disposable milk beverage, which can play a role in stabilizing the state of the beverage in acidic milk beverage. It has the characteristics of preventing the beverage from settling, improving the taste and improving the high temperature resistance.