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CMC For Ceramic Ceramic Body
Jun 16, 2017

CMC For Ceramic Ceramic body

CMC in the application of the body CMC for the ceramic body can increase the plasticity of the sand material, to facilitate the formation of the body, while doubling the weight of the green bending, greatly reducing the damage, is a high-quality body enhancer, Compared with other green body enhancers, CMC has the advantages of less addition, no residue and no side effect. With the increasing of plastic raw materials, the role of CMC in the green body is more prominent. Use the model: OM6, IM6, CVH8; add: 0.03-0.2%; use CMC dissolved and then add the ball mill, mix with the mud.

CMC in the application of glaze CMC used in the glaze slurry is mainly used in its bonding, water retention, suspension dispersion performance, so that glazed smooth and dense; in the choice of glaze with CMC to pay special attention should be selected thoroughly, with high solubility Of the CMC, in order to obtain a smooth and dense glaze, if the poor solubility of CMC, but will affect its glaze quality, triggering glaze defects.

Glaze tiles selection model: CVH8, CH9, C500G, C1000G, FVH9-A, C25G, add the amount of 0.05-0.3% sanitary ware selection model: C500G, FVH9-A, C1000G, add 0.2-0.7% Or printing oil, ointment), infiltration glaze application CMC used in printing glaze is mainly used in its thickening, bonding, dispersion performance, select the printing glaze CMC with the key: ① CMC to have high solubility, Network; ② have a good printing rheology, to ensure smooth printing; ③ high degree of fine, good lubrication, net readily; ④ glaze with a good match, so that glaze stability.

0.59.0% of professional CMC production, testing and application technology, the integration of the CMC industry, effective resources, and domestic and international management of first-class, advanced equipment Raw material manufacturers to cooperate for the ceramic production enterprises to provide cost-effective than the absolute advantage of the ceramic-specific CMC, and provide customers with excellent technical services and sales services. Product Description Carboxymethyl cellulose CMC is an important cellulose ether, is a natural fiber after chemical modification obtained by a good water-soluble polyanionic compounds, soluble in hot and cold water. It has emulsified dispersants, solid dispersion, not easy to corrupt, physiologically harmless and other unusual and valuable comprehensive physical and chemical properties, is a widely used natural polymer derivatives. CMC, such as thickening, water retention, metabolic inertness, film formability, dispersion stability, etc., can be used as thickeners, water retaining agents, adhesives, lubricants, emulsifiers, suspending agents, Tablet matrix, biological substrate and biological products carrier.