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CMC For Paper Making A Brief Description
May 18, 2017

 CMC For Paper Making A kind of anionic polymer with ether bond structure, which is made of cellulose as the main raw material, after alkalization and ultrafine treatment, and then crosslinked, etherified and acidified. The finished product is white or light yellow powder or granular. Non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, with good water retention, and excellent shear thinning.

Product Chemical Name: Carboxymethyl cellulose satisfied, specifically: coated with CMC. Unit Molecular formula: C6H9O4CH2COONa

Physical and chemical properties: This product is easy to dissolve in water, moisture absorption, insoluble in organic solvents, has a very good chemical stability.

CMC For Paper Making This product is a high ether low viscosity characteristics, can replace imported products and is fully applicable to China's coating process requirements of the coating special water retaining agent - coated special CMC

The product has the following characteristics and functions.

Increase the water retention of the paint to prevent the migration of the adhesive

CMC For Paper Making The water retention of the coating is one of the important factors in improving the coating efficiency and coating quality. The water retention value of the coating directly affects the reasonable degree of adhesive migration in the coating system. Therefore, the preparation of better water retention coating is to ensure the quality of coated paper and improve product quality prerequisites. In this regard, CMC is very effective. A large number of applications have proved that the scientific adjustment of paint formulations, the correct and reasonable use of CMC, not only can improve the coating quality, but also reduce production costs.

Improve the rheological properties of coatings to improve the coating solid content

CMC For Paper Making The preparation of the paint has a good rheological, leveling and adjust the viscosity of the paint capacity. Reduce the use of cost to improve efficiency

CMC as a water-retaining agent used in coatings directly reduce the use of cost. The application of CMC can improve the solid content of the coating, reduce the moisture content of the wet coating, reduce the dry load, improve the speed, improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost.