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CMC For Textile Printing Of The Printing Mode
May 18, 2017

 CMC For Textile Printing Textile printing machine is no longer in the traditional printing mode in the past simple method, is no longer a single manual operation and craft printing, it is highly technical and computer synthesis and self-control technology for a better combination of organic, can be very accurate Alignment of the area and location to be printed, to avoid the manual printing encountered by the location of the problem. Because it is a one-time multi-color printing, there will be no problem of color matching.

  CMC For Textile Printing Very suitable for the need for color transition picture printing a printing from the cumbersome process is not easy to print directly to the use of textile ink printing, OK after the direct use of heat press machine heating. So that the adhesion of the color more closely.

Traditional printing methods, such as silk screen can not be done according to the picture of all the color of the transition, so the effect of silk screen out of the color boundaries clear, in the middle of the two colors, it is difficult to reflect the color itself according to the screen itself. But many products need to print trademarks, logo class and other high-precision, high-complexity patterns, gifts, handicrafts industry application is more extensive, textile printers can be very perfect to meet the demand, fully embodies the strong market potential. Breaking the screen printing, thermal transfer and other printing methods to bring the bottleneck for customers to find a new profit growth point.

 CMC For Textile Printing These advantages can also be engraved with a very effective combination of engraving, etching in the engraving area, or accurate etching after printing, etc., in the carving industry can also achieve a good breakthrough. Textile printing press than the traditional manual table printing with the former can not match the advantages of gradient color, the transition color. Are countertops can not do the printing. And there is no plate making tedious printing of the finished product breathable performance. Not easy to fade water level up to 7.