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CMC Measuring Tools
Jun 16, 2017

CMC measuring tools

CMC is the "People's Republic of China manufacturing measurement instruments permit" sign, according to "People's Republic of China Metrology Law" is a statutory measurement of the common name of the field.

CMC is also a polysemous abbreviation, covering chemical, computer Internet, investment, metrology and other fields, but also the name of clubs and non-profit organizations.

CMC is an abbreviation for virtual currency Cosmoscoin (cosmic currency). Is the bitcoin, Leite after another great potential of the virtual currency, its worth also with the bit currency and hurricane. In the near future, it will be a three-legged situation with Bitcoin and Lehman. In the algorithm of its optimization of the bit currency algorithm.

CMC also refers to the deep mixing pile method and so on.

CMC can also refer to the American cartoon "Rainbow Pony" in the lovely mark Boy Scouts.

CMC also refers to China Music Group.

CMC: "People's Republic of China manufacturing measurement instruments permit" logo, the English abbreviation "China Metrology Certification", meaning China's manufacturing equipment permits. An enterprise that obtains a manufacturing instrumentation license may mark the CMC mark on its measuring instrument. The logo indicates that the measuring appliance manufacturer has the ability to produce measuring instruments. 

The licensing system for the manufacture and repair of measuring instruments is essentially a recognition by the government metrological administrative departments of whether the units that manufacture and repair measuring instruments have the qualifications and ability to manufacture and repair measuring instruments. The government is responsible for enterprises and public institutions A kind of legal supervision and management. It is for the measurement of this special product to take a special legal constraints of the management means.

1, the meaning of the sign is "the People's Republic of measurement instruments permit." Outer ring "C" means "Chinese" English abbreviation. The inner circle "M" indicates the abbreviation of "measuring instrument". The inner circle "C" indicates the English abbreviation for "license".

2, the size of the logo: "l" that outer ring "C" gap size, l in front of the number is a multiple of l, that size and gap size of the relative size. With this flag, you can zoom in or out according to the actual situation.

3, the color of the logo optional

Article 12 of the Law of the People's Republic of China clearly stipulates that "enterprises and public institutions that manufacture and repair measuring instruments must have equipment, personnel and equipment for measuring and measuring instruments that are manufactured and repaired. The measurement and administration department of the people 's government shall pass the examination and obtain the license of manufacturing measuring instruments or the license for repairing and measuring instruments.