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CMC Participate In Many Types Of Reactions
Aug 16, 2017

CMC Participate in many types of reactions

Carboxymethyl cellulose is a natural cellulose after artificial etherification after the formation of a cellulose, combined with water can form a very viscous aqueous solution for the material adhesion and emulsification have a very good role in promoting a lot of Industry can play an important role. International research on this cellulose has a long history, and made a lot of breakthroughs and effectiveness. Domestic research time for him is not very long, originated in the mid-twentieth century, but in this short period of decades there is also a lot of progress, in addition to its own production technology in addition to the relevant Some of the material has also been in-depth study, the state in this area has also invested a lot of money to carry out experiments and personnel training, I believe that does not take too long time domestic technology can also compete with foreign countries.

Carboxymethyl cellulose manufacturers tell you that carboxymethyl cellulose applications are widely used, because it can participate in many types of reactions, to produce the necessary substances in different industries. In the construction industry produced with a strong adhesion of the thickener, there are very good dispersion of the dispersant to the cellulose as raw material coating effect is very good, sharp things after the surface across Can not easily leave scratches, and smear after the distribution of the average situation, there will be no potholes or the phenomenon of the package, there is the smooth state can be maintained for a long time, not prone to cracks have better stability. In the ceramic and textile production process is also a good auxiliary role, the adhesion of the ceramic can not be separated from this cellulose, to help ceramics molded into a variety of shapes. Textiles in the production process of dust a lot, with this kind of cellulose will reduce the dust after a lot of pollution.

Carboxymethylcellulose can be used to assist in some excavation works. Take now more fire, digging oil, mining, the basic are to use it. Of course, we can not use it directly for oil and coal mining, but to contain the kind of cellulose slurry into the wall. Do not underestimate this kind of mud, it is like a layer of film, and this layer is thin and strong, can reduce its water loss. This is definitely a big magic ah. Secondly, it can also be used to protect. This is because the mud containing cmc, the basic will not be affected by the mold. So do not need to deliberately increase the ph value, you can also achieve the effect of corrosion. There is, that is, with cmc mud, the effect of its water is also very good, even if the temperature is high, you can also ensure that no water loss. Finally, it can also be used in the paper industry, can be used to increase the toughness of the textile, as well as its degree of compression, and even increase its degree of anti-crack. It can also increase the toughness, increased to several times. In short, it is multi-purpose.