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CMC Paste Solution
Oct 12, 2017

CMC Paste solution

Gelatinization means that cmc particles in the appropriate temperature will swell in water, split, the formation of uniform paste solution role, the essence of cmc in the orderly and disorderly starch molecules between the hydrogen bond disconnected, dispersed in water Become a colloidal solution.

1, the process of gelatinization can be divided into three stages:

(1) reversible water absorption stage, the water into the amorphous part of cmc, the volume of a slight expansion, this time cooling and drying, the particles can be restored, birefringence phenomenon unchanged;

(2) irreversible water absorption stage, with the temperature rise, the water into the microcrystalline gap, irreversible large amount of water absorption, birefringence gradually blurred or disappear, also known as crystal "dissolved", cmc expansion to the original volume of 50 to 100 times;

(3) starch particles finally disintegrated, starch molecules all into the solution. Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose in the reaction time, there will be some of the phenomenon of surface tension, then it exactly what kind of performance? The following knowledge will introduce you to:

1, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose generally low surface tension, suitable for applications requiring high surface activity and dispersibility.

2, organic fluid typical surface tension of the scale of 30 ~ ~ 40dyn / cm, room temperature tensile tension of water is about 72dyn / cm.

3, the surface tension of the product is the lowest, the surface tension is basically independent of viscosity (viscosity scale 20 ~ 100000mm2 / s35 ℃ when the table tension and 21dyn / cm).

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose knowledge first introduced to you here, then you have a good grasp of the future, it will be more simple when used. Using a simple atmospheric pressure sintering is difficult to obtain a dense ladder, you can rely on special means to reduce the sintering temperature of Shandong cmc, the following simple understanding of the next bar

Hot pressing is to improve the powder plastic under high temperature conditions, with low molding pressure, deformation resistance, product magic are high, fine microstructure and other characteristics, because the reduction of boron carbide sintering temperature can be hot pressing sintering process. The results show that the boron carbide ceramics in the sintering temperature of 2000-2100 ℃, hot pressure 30-40Mpa conditions, with excellent overall performance, the relative density can reach 92% -98%, bending strength up to 400-500Mpa. In order to further improve the performance of the product, reduce the sintering temperature and reduce the production cost, the liquid sintering and the sintering temperature are still high. In order to further improve the product performance and reduce the sintering temperature and reduce the production cost, Hot sintering combined, and achieved remarkable results. Compared with the pure hot pressing, the sintering temperature is reduced and the density is relatively improved.