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CMC Used To Protect
Aug 03, 2017

CMC Used to protect

Cellulose is a necessary nutrient for the human body and is what everyone needs to survive. But do not think that cellulose is only useful to the human body Oh, but the cellulose has a lot of species. Some are used to serve the people themselves, and some are other uses. Among them, carboxymethyl cellulose is one of the examples. It can not be directly consumed by the human body, and the human body can not directly digest the enzyme of cellulose, then, carboxymethyl is used to do what? In fact, although it can not be taken directly by the human body, but he has a lot of other uses, and these uses are still very important Oh.

Carboxymethylcellulose can be used to assist in some excavation works. Take now more fire, digging oil, mining, the basic are to use it. Of course, we can not use it directly for oil and coal mining, but to contain the kind of cellulose slurry into the wall. Do not underestimate this kind of mud, it is like a layer of film, and this layer is thin and strong, can reduce its water loss. This is definitely a big magic ah. Secondly, it can also be used to protect. This is because the mud containing cmc, the basic will not be affected by the mold. So do not need to deliberately increase the ph value, you can also achieve the effect of corrosion. There is, that is, with cmc mud, the effect of its water is also very good, even if the temperature is high, you can also ensure that no water loss. Finally, it can also be used in the paper industry, can be used to increase the toughness of the textile, as well as its degree of compression, and even increase its degree of anti-crack. It can also increase the toughness, increased to several times. In short, it is multi-purpose. In the pharmaceutical industry can be used as injections of emulsion stabilizer, tablet binder and film-forming agent. Some people through the basic and animal experiments show that CMC is safe and reliable anti-cancer drug carrier. Using CMC as the membrane material, the development of Chinese medicine Yangyin sorex powder modified dosage form - - Yin Yin sarcoma, can be used for skin grinding surgical wound and traumatic wound. Animal model studies have shown that the film prevents wound infection, and no significant difference with the gauze dressing, in the control of wound tissue fluid exudation and wound healing, the film was better than gauze dressing, and reduce the postoperative edema and wound stimulation. With the polyvinyl alcohol: sodium carboxymethyl cellulose: polycarboxylate 3: 6: 1 ratio of the film made of the best prescription, adhesion and release rate are increased in the mucosal adhesive sustained-release film The adhesion of the agent to extend the retention time in the oral cavity and the efficacy of the drug in the preparation are significantly improved.