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Function Of CMC In Food Production
Apr 28, 2017

The function of CMC in food production

1, thickening: viscosity at low concentration. Can control the viscosity of food processing, while giving food lubrication;

2, water retention: reduce the role of food dehydration, extend the shelf life of food;

3, dispersion stability: to maintain the stability of the quality of food, to prevent oil and water layer (emulsification), control of frozen food in the size of the crystal (reducing ice crystals);

4, film formation: in fried foods to form a layer of plastic film, to prevent excessive absorption of grease;

5, chemical stability: chemical, thermal, light stability, a certain anti mildew performance;

6, metabolic inertia: as food additives, will not be metabolized in the food does not provide heat.

Two, edible CMC performance

"Wei Yi" food grade CMC compared with other similar products have the following characteristics

1, uniform molecular distribution;

2, high acid resistance;

3, high salt tolerance;

4, high degree of substitution, uniform replacement;

5, gel less;

6, the same performance with guar gum.