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PAC Easy To Settle
Nov 01, 2017

PAC Easy to settle

Poly aluminum chloride is suitable for a variety of high school turbidity source water treatment, especially for high turbidity water purification has a particularly significant effect, it alum formation fast, large, easy to settle, the appropriate source of water PH wide range of corrosion Small, low labor intensity. In order to achieve the best flocculant effect and economic benefits, the user can according to different source water turbidity, different seasons and different reaction conditions, through experiments to determine the best dosage per kilowatt of water.

Poly aluminum chloride Features:

1, poly aluminum chloride is mainly used for drinking water and industrial water purification, as well as industrial wastewater treatment. Is the current life of water, industrial water treatment in the application of the most extensive flocculant.

2, poly aluminum chloride has a good flocculation, the production of alum large, less dosage, high efficiency, rapid settlement, the use of a wide range of advantages.

3, poly aluminum chloride can be used at low temperature, suitable PH value of 5-9, after adding no need to add alkali, flocculation effect is good, less mud production.

4, poly aluminum chloride products, the effective dosage of 20-50mgL. Liquid products can be directly measured dosing, solid products must be in the solution pool dubbed 10% -15% of the solution, according to the required concentration of dosing.

5, poly aluminum chloride products can also be used to remove water containing iron, manganese, chromium, lead and other heavy metals, as well as fluoride and water oil, etc., it can be used to deal with a variety of industrial wastewater.

6, poly aluminum chloride products to deal with strong water treatment, especially for high turbidity water treatment effect is more significant; low water temperature can still maintain a stable coagulation effect. 7, the use of poly aluminum chloride after purification of water color and iron, manganese and other heavy metal content is low, the corrosion of the device is small.

8, the use of poly aluminum chloride, there will be mixed uneven problem, you can use dilution after dosing.

9, poly aluminum chloride can be used with weak cationic polyacrylamide, and aluminum sulfate or ferric chloride combination for sludge modulation. Reference: sludge modulation What is the effect of a good flocculant effect. Polyaluminium chloride dilution Use:

1, the solid product by 1: 3 dissolved in water as a liquid, plus 10-30 times the water diluted to the required concentration after use.

2, the amount of water according to the different turbidity of raw water, the best dosage measured, the general raw water turbidity in the 100-500mg / L, the dosage per kilogram of 10-20kg.

3, the use of solid, the first water dissolved with 10-25% solution, and then diluted to the required concentration of water, dissolved in the first water slowly feeding, and continue to stir.

4, the dosage is treated as the water is different, the general water purification dosage is about: liquid products 5-100 g / t, solid 20 - 25 kg / ton (by commodity), can be determined by the beaker test.