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PAC Except For Heavy Metals
Oct 12, 2017

PAC Except for heavy metals

China is a developing country, air pollution and the rapid development of the country is inseparable. The main causes of pollution are industrial pollution, agricultural pollution, and some pollution of transport. The first is industrial pollution, no industrial development can not promote the state-owned economy. National energy-saving emission reduction and the development of low-carbon economy requirements, urban sewage treatment will focus on pollutant emissions, sludge treatment and sewage recycling, will become a new hot spot in the development of the industry. In recent years, China's rapid agricultural development, the annual production of livestock and poultry manure, including the slaughterhouse generated more than 30 million tons of sewage, agricultural environmental pollution has become a prominent problem.

 Most of the waste water produced by the agricultural industry is farmland irrigation, farm and processing of agricultural products. Most of the waste water produced contains high concentrations of organic pollutants, which are biodegradable and even agricultural wastewater is toxic. Agricultural wastewater contains heavy metals, phenol, cyanide, nitrogen and other characteristics. Polyvinyl chloride is characterized by deodorization, fluoride removal, degreasing, in addition to heavy metals, treatment of domestic sewage, clean industrial wastewater, oil, metallurgy, coal washing, leather and a variety of chemical wastewater treatment, , Cement quick-setting agent, precision casting hardener, refractory adhesive, glycerol refining, cloth wrinkle-free, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industries, waste water can be recycled. In the steel industry, for sewage separation, the effect is very good. According to the characteristics of agricultural wastewater, poly aluminum chloride is the ideal choice for the treatment of agricultural wastewater. Polyaluminium chloride is a kind of highly efficient polymerization flocculant for the adsorption of heavy metals, suspended solids and fine particles in waste water, to adjust the pH value, that is, to reduce COD and chroma, and to improve the biodegradability of sewage, Removal of ammonia nitrogen can also achieve the desired effect.

Poly aluminum chloride is a common agent for sewage treatment, is to clarify the pool of "regulars." Poly aluminum chloride water treatment effect is obvious to all, so favored by the majority of users, with the extensive application of poly aluminum chloride, followed by a lot of problems, often encountered is to clarify the pool in five Abnormal phenomenon, polymerization of aluminum chloride manufacturers for everyone to come up with a way to deal with

The first exception is now that the clear water area has a small floc rising, the water is turbid. This situation does not panic, this is mainly because the water is too large, poly aluminum chloride dosage is not enough. The corresponding treatment is to reduce the amount of water to increase, increase the amount of polymerization of aluminum chloride.

The second common exception is now: the pool surface has large particles alum up. The main reason for this present is that the amount of polyaluminium added is too large, as long as the appropriate reduction of dosing or strengthen the mud can work.