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PAC Has Many Uses
Sep 21, 2017

PAC Has many uses

The state for the sewage treatment policy to promote the development of poly aluminum chloride market

In recent years, the state has given great attention to sewage treatment. In particular, this year, "Water 10" since the release of government departments across the country on the sewage discharge is not up to standard or sewage straight row of enterprises were rectification, sewage treatment plants have also cast and use. The state's attention to the issue of sewage will promote the development of PVC and other water purification industry. In the case of

Poly aluminum chloride is an inorganic polymer coagulant, its wide range of uses, started in the eighties, mainly in Henan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions, although experienced more than 30 years of development, there are still behind the equipment, product quality Low, disorderly competition, the overall low level of profitability and other issues. City as the country's largest production base of aluminum chloride production in the country formed a certain brand effect. But for the existence of a variety of problems also need to be resolved in the growing demand for poly aluminum chloride market today, the poly aluminum chloride industry only higher content, low pollution, high efficiency development path to healthy development. In the case of

At present, many manufacturers on the market are many, but most of the production process is backward, the production of low product content, and easy to produce waste gas pollution, to the surrounding environment caused pollution, affecting the lives of nearby residents. Followed by the lack of innovative concept of poly aluminum chloride, low R & D costs, R & D personnel, low value-added products, high consumption of resources, chaotic market management, disorderly competition, resulting in product price and quality difficult Ascension.

City as a water purification agent production base, must be clear high-end, terminal, high efficiency of the development direction, take the healthy, coordinated and sustainable development of the road. Therefore, to guide enterprises to carry out scientific and technological innovation and product structure adjustment is imminent. In the case of

Poly aluminum chloride is an inorganic polymer coagulant, is the tap water and industrial wastewater purification purification agent, the synthesis of a variety of methods, at present, the industry more manufacturers of poly aluminum chloride calcium aluminate powder Or bauxite production of aluminum chloride, but because of calcium aluminate or bauxite itself, the composition of the characteristics and different conditions, the final reaction will contain a certain amount of water insoluble residue, the main component is silica gel, Now the industry generally through natural sedimentation or filtration made of aqueous solution, the poly aluminum chloride solid content is low, and in the settlement or filtration process silica gel easy to block the filter cloth, the settlement speed is slow, long time, the effect is not good.