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PAC Instructions
Jul 06, 2017

PAC Instructions

It is important to understand that the concentration of the purifying agent, or the content, is of a 15% content and 25% of the amount of waste water required to treat the same volume of waste water prior to the dilution of the polyaluminium chloride. In order to avoid the amount of ambiguity or blending, the general said 150g watered, handle the corresponding amount of water settings, the corresponding net content, that is, measured by the corresponding content percentage.

Poly aluminum chloride use:

 ① dissolution ratio: the proportion of dissolved aluminum chloride is 5%, that is, 1 kg of water inside the addition of 50g flocculant A to dissolve. (Dissolved in the water for the water or pure water)

 ② dissolution time: the mixing time of the agent is 5-10min, the dissolution time is 0.8-1h.

 ③ Dosing of Pharmacy: The dosage of this agent is added according to a certain percentage, and the specific quantity is determined according to the concentration of sewage and the treatment standard.

In fact, the main reason for the mixed water consumption of aluminum chloride is to increase its solubility in the sewage, to achieve better flocculation effect.

 Polyaluminium chloride (pac), as a new type of water treatment agent, has replaced the traditional trend of aluminum sulfate since the 1960s, but its flocculation effect is significantly higher than that of aluminum sulfate. The root cause is not clear and always exists Controversy, which to some extent affect its production and application to a higher stage of the development of an inference that the traditional pharmaceutical direct delivery and water, the hydrolysis of its form due to water quality and other conditions, can not form the most effective flocculation and play Its highest efficiency, and poly aluminum chloride in the artificial control of the conditions of prefabricated production, can achieve the best results expected, put into the water can play the role of electricity and bridging excellent flocculation, although this idea is reasonable, But not necessarily perfect, and have not been experimentally proven, there is still much room for study In the long-term research work, we found that artificial prefabricated aluminum or iron polymer, from the shape, characteristics, function to the mechanism of action, with the previous Of the aluminum salt or iron salt coagulant is very large, should be seen as a new generation of products, the need to establish their own theory and technology Art system, select a number of experimental examples to illustrate the issue of PAC. The traditional methods of aluminum compounds are chemical analysis and potentiometric titration. The series of continuous changes in the morphology of the hydrolyzers is proposed. The hydroxylated states are developed by the monomeric polymer, which is developed in the form of a six-ring ring until the formation of the precipitate remains the structure of the bazite. The theoretical basis of this view is that the multinuclear complex The nuclear chain complexation mechanism, which dominates for decades, still lacks direct structural identification.

Highly efficient flocculants should have a strong ability to neutralize the electrical, but also should have a strong capacity of the particle bridge. At present, the development and application of inorganic flocculants such as polyaluminum chloride and ferrous sulfate are more and more. Although this kind of compound flocculant can improve the flocculation effect to a certain extent, but for the electronic neutralizing ability, Of the inorganic salts are reduced, so people began to according to the principle of synergistic effect of aluminum chloride and organic compounds in order to obtain a new type of more efficient flocculant. We have experimented with how to deal with papermaking wastewater, how to deal with papermaking wastewater, waste water and pulp bleaching wastewater and residual white water of paper machine, the indicators of wastewater: PH value of 6.2, ss1925mg / L, COD 5270mg / L , Color 1000 times.