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PAC Its Main Ingredient Is
Sep 28, 2017

PAC Its main ingredient is

Swimming pool precipitant, is the traditional precipitation agent, the active ingredient is 30% of the aluminum chloride, for swimming pool precipitation dust, water purification, so that the pool water crystal clear. Belong to the swimming pool of a water treatment agent, also known as water purifier or pool flocculant. Brand for.

Precipitation agent is a highly efficient swimming pool precipitant, the main component of poly aluminum chloride, the content of 30%, efficient precipitation, to create a clear and transparent water quality.

【Usage】: 5-10KG per 1000 cubic meters of water usage. When used by swimming pool precipitant (aluminum chloride) 1: water 3 copies of the first mixed dissolved, then diluted with water to 2-3% The solution can be sprinkled into the pool for use.

【Note】: put the pool sediment agent in the evening after the end of the best. Before the delivery must be adjusted to 7.5-7.8 PH value of the water, such as rain is best not to precipitate agent, because the rain will lead to water can not be static and PH value decreased, thus affecting the precipitation effect, resulting in aluminum chloride sink , Affecting the opening of the next day.

【Specification】: 5kg / bag, 20kg / box, solid powder. (User-friendly packaging, the use of transport are very convenient)


a strong neutralization of colloidal substances in water. In the case of

b, the hydrolysis products on the suspended solids in the excellent bridge adsorption effect. In the case of

c, the selective adsorption of soluble substances.

So the use of poly aluminum chloride, the pool water quality due to suspended solids, algae and other impurities caused by turbidity has a very significant purification.

Flocculant is currently the most widely used in sewage treatment of a pharmaceutical, which effectively enhance the sewage treatment rate, so that the sewage treatment effect is more significant. Flocculation process is an indispensable key link in the sewage treatment process. The dosage of the medicine ensures that the water quality treated by the large-scale sewage treatment equipment can meet the national emission standards and effectively prevent the deterioration of the water pollution situation and ensure the sustainable development of the ecological environment.

1 type of flocculant

Flocculant variety, from low molecular to polymer, from single to complex, the general trend is to cheap and practical, non-toxic and efficient direction. Inorganic flocculant cheap, but the human health and the ecological environment will have a negative impact; organic polymer flocculant although the amount of small, scum yield, flocculation ability, floc easy to separate, degreasing and in addition to suspended solids effect , But the residual monomer of such polymers has a "three-in" effect (Kawasaki, carcinogenic, mutagenic), and thus its scope of application is limited; microbial flocculant due to the absence of secondary pollution, easy to use, the application prospects Seductive. Microbial flocculants will likely replace or partially replace traditional inorganic polymers and synthetic organic high polymer flocculants in the future. But the development and application of microbial flocculants in the ascendant, its characteristics and advantages for the development of water treatment technology shows a broad prospect.