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PAC Water Treatment Agent
Sep 08, 2017

PAC Water treatment agent

What are the types of water treatment chemicals and polyaluminum chloride?

Water treatment agent is industrial chemicals, domestic water, waste water treatment process necessary chemical agents, through the use of these chemicals, water can reach the inevitable quality requirements. Its primary effect is to control the formation of scale and sludge, reduce the foam, reduce the contact with the water erosion of materials, remove the suspended solids and toxic substances in the water, deodorant bleaching, softening water quality. At present, because of the sharp increase in water consumption in the world's countries and the subsequent development of various types of environmental regulations (water purification methods), and the increasingly stringent requirements, so on the various types of efficient water treatment agents to promote quickly. In China, with the increasingly serious water capital crisis is the contradiction between the production of water disposal agents can be very low, the quality is not guaranteed, so to accelerate the water disposal of our environmental protection materials to carry out the firepower eyebrows.

Water treatment agents can be divided into three categories:

First, the sewage treatment of pharmaceuticals

Second, the industrial circulating water treatment Pharmacy

Third, oil and water separation agent

Commonly used water treatment agents are: scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, sterilization algicide (water treatment fungicide), cleaning agent, slime stripping agent, flocculant, coagulant, dispersant and other water treatment agent, Sodium phosphate is also a kind of water treatment.

Four green water treatment agent PASP polyaspartic acid

Water treatment chemicals, water quality testing agents, water quality testing equipment

New Water Treatment Pharmacy Features:

1, the reaction speed, the treatment of ordinary industrial wastewater only half an hour to several hours.

2, the role of a wide range of organic pollutants, for the degradation of organic matter and other difficult to have a good degradation effect.

3, the process is simple, less investment, long service life, easy operation and maintenance, the effect is ideal, the treatment of micro-electrolysis agent less.

4, the micro-electrolysis treatment of waste water in the water after the formation of the original state of ferrous or iron ions, with a better than ordinary coagulant coagulation, no additional iron salts and other coagulants, COD removal rate, and Will not cause secondary pollution of water.

5, has a good coagulation effect, can effectively remove the color and COD, greatly improve the biodegradability of wastewater.

6, the method can achieve the effect of chemical precipitation and phosphorus removal, but also by reducing the addition of heavy metals.

7, the analysis of the development of China's water treatment agents face the opportunity to elaborate the application of environmentally friendly water treatment of the status quo, that the water treatment agent in the coagulation theory on the basis of continuous innovation, will be green water treatment agents, multiple compound water treatment agents and Nano-materials, microbial flocculants and other new high-performance water treatment of the direction of rapid development of pharmaceuticals.