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Sodium Carboxymethyl Starch On The Human Body Harmful?
Jun 18, 2016

We all know that sodium carboxymethyl starch, its uses are many, can be used for food processing, paper, construction, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries, as we are familiar with the capsule, scraping putty powder porcelain required in both it exists, in fact, most of us are inseparable ---- it's another use of food additives.

In our well-known food products are involved in food after most of the processing of food additives, sodium carboxymethyl starch is one of them. Then someone will ask, can harm our body?

Our long sodium carboxymethyl starch as allowed by national standards of food additives. And sodium carboxymethyl starch, sodium starch based food starch or milk to produce food starch raw materials obtained from the processing of raw materials, mainly used in food processing effect is to increase the viscosity. Therefore, in accordance with national standards intake is not much of a health problem, we do not worry too much. However, if security is not the kind of small manufacturers of sodium carboxymethyl starch, not necessarily the quality can not be guaranteed, it might cause harm to humans.