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Sodium Carboxymethyl Starch Role In Medicine
Jun 18, 2016

As medical technology research and production of more advanced technology in the future, gradually in the process of making the drug, sodium carboxymethyl starch for use is very broad, it is dedicated to the use of sodium starch such as capsules and tablets of raw materials of course, the process of applying such a material has a strong water absorption and expansion, not only has a significant role in the pharmaceutical process, but also in medicine and form a certain bubble up.

The key, of course, after the drugs consumption, although later An enclosing role as a capsule outside, but into the stomach, to see an aqueous solution or liquid at all times will be melted and then digestion, which facilitates the patients taking the drug lies.

So, after sodium carboxymethyl starch use in medicine, its high disintegrating effect and shaping features are evident, focus on the process of taking such drugs is also critical, obvious characteristics, seize this chemical elements function and then play in the pharmaceutical process.