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What Is The Use Of Polyester Fiber Polyester Fiber Is Introduced Understand
Jun 18, 2016

Polyester fibers can be used to improve the quality of asphalt concrete pavement, extend the pavement life, get a better development in the use of the road construction. Polyester fiber use is still very broad, including these areas.

Suitable for stone mastic asphalt mix (SMA) polyester fibers, polyester fibers described also apply to the use of dense graded asphalt concrete (AC) and bitumen macadam (AM) of the structure;

Dense graded asphalt concrete pavement surface;

Steel bridge laying asphalt concrete surface layer (steel black); for the bridge deck. Cold fill, pouring, along the road;

Strengthen the runway and apron; old asphalt concrete pavement of asphalt concrete surface thin layer (white and black).

More people are concerned about: the latest US developed the first thermal management polyester fiber

Polyester fiber is an organic dicarboxylic acid and a diol from condensation of the resulting polyester spun synthetic fibers, synthetic fibers are currently the largest varieties, mainly polyester fibers and regenerated cellulose fibers. Polyester fiber has many excellent textile performance and wearability, very versatile, and can be made of pure textile, polyester fiber and fabric of color range, fast Tinggua, easy to use polyester fiber wash understand what is easy to do , iron and wash and wear good performance of wool, cotton, imitation, imitation silk, linen fabric.

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