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Polyanionic Cellulose Properties And Application Industry

Polyanionic cellulose properties and application industry PAC is a cellulose ether derivative made from natural cotton staple fibers, through a series of complex chemical reactions. It is an important water-soluble anion cellulose ether. Has the "three high and low" characteristics: stability, heat resistance, acid-resistant salt high, low use.

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Polyanionic Cellulose Properties And Application Industry

Polyanionic cellulose properties and application industry

PAC is a cellulose ether derivative made from natural cotton staple fibers, through a series of complex chemical reactions. It is an important water-soluble anion cellulose ether. Has the "three high and low" characteristics: stability, heat resistance, acid-resistant salt high, low use.

II. Basic performance of PAC:

Physical properties: Appearance white, white or pale yellow powder or granules, nontoxic, tasteless, hygroscopic, soluble in cold water and hot water.

Excellent chemical properties:

High substitution: Substitution value of 0.85-1.4.

2. Thermal Stability: Aqueous solution at 80 degrees Celsius, stable performance, when the temperature is close to 150 degrees Celsius, still show a certain degree of viscosity

3. Acid and alkali resistance: ph value in the range of 3-11, stable performance, can be used in a variety of polar harsh environment.

4 Good Incense Honor: such as cellulose ether, water-soluble glue, softening agent can be soluble in resin.

5. Good solubility: Simple mixing equipment can quickly dissolve in cold water and hot water, hot water dissolved faster.

6. Good stability: PAC aqueous solution has light stability, longer shelf life, antibacterial bacteria, mildew, no fermentation.

7 Low dose: Due to the high level of PAC usage, high stability, use in the same environment, the dosage is very small, generally add about 0.2%-0.6%, equivalent to other cellulose ether (such as CMC) about 30, low operating costs, high cost advantage.

8. Green Environmental protection: PAC's main raw material is refined cotton, no pharmacological function, harmless to human body, production process green.

III. The use and role of PAC:

Poly anion Cellulose Sodium (PAC) is a water-soluble organic polymer, soluble in water formation, with a certain degree of transparent liquid viscosity, can be widely used in many fields of industrial production, thickening, thickening, bonding, suspension, water, emulsification, dispersion, stability and so on.

Fourth, the main application of PAC:

1, for oil drilling, digging Wells: PAC is a water-soluble polymer organic compounds, easily dispersed in all water-based drilling fluids, including the application of freshwater and seawater saturated saline drilling fluids, which can be used mainly for offshore drilling and land depth, in low solid drilling fluids, PAC can significantly reduce the filter loss of cake thickness, while the saline page inhibition effect is stronger. It is divided into high viscosity (HV), low viscosity (LV) and medium viscosity (r) three species.

2nd Chemical Industry: can be used in synthetic detergent, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, skin cream, as stabilizer, emulsifier, skin care agent, regulate viscosity, solution stability, improve decontamination capacity, the daily chemical industry is one of the best active agents. Detergent is mainly used for thickening suspension emulsion and protective colloid properties, which can produce anion washing during washing. Surface dirt particles negatively charged, so that the dirt particles in the water phase and phase separation, solid washing surface exclusion, so can prevent the fouling again to be washed, white fabric to keep the whiteness of the fabric, colorful color; for soap, spice dyes are evenly released in the SOAP body. Recommended use of moderate viscosity products.

3 for the paint industry: in waterborne coatings as thickening agent, suspension and film-forming agent, can make the storage stability of products uniform color, mildew, leveling, construction convenience, improve flexibility and gloss. Using medium-high viscosity model, it has better thickening effect and storage stability.

4. Used in papermaking industry: papermaking industry, widely used in coating paper, light coated paper surface sizing, can be used as paper smoothness agent, coating agent, sizing agent. PAC has a film, and add 0.1 of the%-0.3%PAC pulp can increase the strength of the paper by 50%, the surface tension is 1-2 times increased. At the same time, paper evenly, ink in printing easy penetration, printing material edges clear. In PAC water treatment paper, coated with iron, lead and other metal salts solution, can be made into waterproof grease. Application Mode: Low viscosity and ultra low viscosity model are usually used to increase the solids content of slurry.

5. For the food industry: PAC tasteless, nontoxic, soluble, long-term preservation, no corrosion, high viscosity, strong retention, can be widely used in the food industry. such as processing jam, fruit juice, chili oil as adhesives and increment agent; for snacks can be made evenly, meticulous, beautiful appearance; as a stabilizer for ice cream manufacturing; lemons, grapes and other beverages as well as semifluid state easily beat acidic edible oils as fixing agents; can also be used as vegetables, fruits, eggs, tea surface treatment of film-forming agent, maintain color and taste long ze. High purity, highly acidic PAC products can be used to minimize the use of food, improve food quality, prolong shelf life.

6 Construction Industry: in construction, mechanical building masonry, mortar, filling and so on, add the PAC, can increase moisture, delay effect, can be large-scale construction, but also enhance the strength of construction. Used in gypsum plaster paste paste, filling plaster, waterproof putty, can significantly improve water retention and bonding strength, with good processing, no cracks and other characteristics. Application Model: General selection of instant high viscosity model.

7 for ceramic industry in the ceramic white pulp, Pac mainly to protect water, thickening, suspension and bonding effect, rheological and drying time to control white pulp, improve the adhesion of glaze. Application type: According to the model, performance and the seasonal difference of white porcelain pulp, low viscosity and high various models have been applied to ceramic body; As a general Body enhancer, PAC can improve the bending strength and plasticity of the blanks, improve the yield green, very suitable for large size tiles, non-material ceramic tile content high, special ceramics, alumina materials and so on.

8 PAC application in other industrial fields: PAC is widely used in other industries, and even very special, such as: for graphite industry to do adhesive suspension, formaldehyde production and storage as inhibitors; flotation Cu-Zn ores can be substituted for cyanide, it is important to environmental protection; in adhesives industry, adhesives System PAC and acrylate copolymer composition, suitable for furniture, concrete, containing materials and gray viscosity; can also be used as a photographic material surface treatment agent membrane; rubber slurry stabilizer; dispersant agent for Pesticide Plastics thickener Stabilizer and emulsifier; adhesives used in high forming pressure block/toner/pill powder products, very low use, good adhesion performance, suitable for other types of adhesives to form non-viscous powder materials; increase the stability of suspension in slurry; In Bentonite is a kind of good adhesion agent, and filtrate; used as a thickening and thickening suspension agent for textile printing and dyeing industry, it can also be used as sodium alginate additive, desiccant and calcium oxide powder mixed additives;

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